Terkena SCAM in Beijing

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“Haven’t got scammed yet when traveling?? If you haven’t got one, maybe..  you’re not illegible to be a traveler yet, although want it or not, when the time comes, you’d get it !! Trust me, at least once in a lifetime” *evil laugh*..

Actually, I have no desire to tell this, because it’s embarrassing and irritating, but for the sake of you guys, Okay.. I’ll tell you this embarrassment !!

On the second day in Beijing, we were enjoying the day at Tienanmen Square. Then unexpectedly, a friendly and nice Chinese girl came from nowhere, making a conversation with us in good English. Well, she’s the first local we met who speaks English fluently after two days in China.

Of course, we’re glad meeting a local that we can communicate with. Then, she offered to accompany us exploring Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City. Because we had the same destination and no need to take much time, we became click one another, a lot of laughter and jokes. At a glance, we could judge that she’s kind of a well-educated girl.

Long story short, after getting tired of exploring the tourist sites, she asked us to stop at a cafe and get some coffee, and I had no reason to decline this offer, from a pretty local girl.

And then she offered to have some wine, I rejected politely with the reason I don’t really like alcohol and such, I’d rather like coffee and snack, she had wine and there was a Karaoke bar at cafe and she sang in a nice voice, we enjoyed that evening, with a local.

End of story, when we’re about to go back to our hostel, we asked the bill. Then YOU KNOW WHAT !!! The bill was crazy expensive, 2900 RMB !!!

What The Fuck!!!

Crazy shit, 2900 RMB is just like 600 buck or 6,5 million Rupiah.

I then complained, ‘why is it so expensive??’

She said; ‘it’s because of the wine.’

In fact, she’s the one who drank almost a bottle of wine. Not us… Then, to stop the fuss between us and the cafe because the bill was just ridiculous, she offered to pay a bit. I don’t know whether we were  dumb or dumber, we felt like it’s not right if the girl who pays. Okay, never mind, I passed my 1000 Yuan, and she paid the rest.

We went back to the hostel with a look of annoyance, How could we not ?? On day 2 in Beijing, we had to spend more than 1000 Yuan just for stupid coffee and snack.. It’s just unbelievable ..

On the way back to the Subway, she said sorry, and before we separated she told us that ‘If you need some money, just send me an email.. and I will come to you, because I don’t bring any cash right now’

And one day after, I sent her an email and told her that I asked her a dinner but your turn now to treat me me because I ran out of money.

And I’ve never received any email from her, till now.


Lesson Learned;

If you encounter situation like this better stay away, or just ignore. I suspect the girl and cafe are scammer in tourist sites, it’s their plan to rip me off and led me to that cafe, and asked us to pay the bill for bullshit amount. .

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