Holi Festival

Let’s Playing Holi

If you really wanna have fun, or you’re type of people who love to interact with local or mingle with other travelers from various nations, dancing like Indian while throwing colored powder at each other face. Or even you who’d be splashed with colored water, come to India !!

Somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March – based on lunar year, India erupts in color, with what they called Holi Festival. And I can say, Holi India is the ancestor of COLOUR RUN in the world. Cool, isn’t it ??




Is the best place to celebrate Holi Festival in India, because it is where the tradition started, and the birthplace of lord Krishna. To be honest, there’s no interesting things in this city, it’s just suitable for PLAYING HOLI, well, it’s crowded. Oh yeah, India is always crowded.. ha ha ha..



Besides Vrindavan and Mathura, there are still other places to celebrate Holi Festival, such as; Rajhastan Holi with the elephant, Jaipur, Mumbai and Kolkata but it’s not as massive as in Vrindavan and Mathura.


And in Vrindavan, after the Holi Festival,  we met some Indonesian tourists from ‘Backpacker Dunia’ group. (the biggest Indonesian backpacker Facebook group in Indonesia, with more than 100,000 active members).

There are four of them, the story they told us, they came for Holi Festival in Calcutta but there’s NO something ‘Crazy’ happening there, unlike what they expected, and they decided to buy colored powder within their group and to throw colored powder on themselves. Ha Ha Ha… what a tragic Holi Festival story from these Indonesian tourists who traveled far away from Indonesia to India just for playing Holi with locals. But ended up playing Holi among themselves…










From New Delhi, go to Nizamudin Train Station, and get a Tuk- Tuk, estimated cost; 50-100 Rupee. Then, board a train to Mathura, a regular train ticket for 100 Rupee, the train journey from Vrindavan to Mathura would take around 45 Minutes. And when arrive in Mathura, grab a Tuk-Tuk again to Vrindavan for 150 Rupee. That’s it, so Easy !!



During the Holi Festival, Hostel and other accommodations are usually fully booked. So, the smart thing to do is, book hostel room in advance. I stayed at Asharam Hostel, a 450 Rupees / night, a single room and it comes with hot water, shower and clean.


India is safe, unlike the stories you heard over the news. It’s not always like that….  I met friendly locals, SUPER FRIENDLY, even my travel mate who wears hijab plus a beautiful girl felt safe along the journey in India.



Holi festival is celebrated for around 3 days, along with several events started at daybreak around 4 a.m at the temple. Then, at noon the fun is begun !! People started throwing colors into the air, an exciting colored powder war in the city for two days, enjoying the unique festival of colors in India.





After the colored powder war, people ‘clean’ themselves on the Yamuna River, and at night, another event is celebrated at Khrisna Temple, it was designed with colorful lighting.





In the closing day of this Holi Festival, there was a Khrisna Dance, and we danced with fun Indian Song, and local or tourist danced or just moved their body to whatever around though it must look so embarrassing, and I was so proud of presenting my Dangdut Dance like somebody who was being possessed on the floor, huahahah, Enjoy India people…..






We LOVE Holi Festival, and we’ll have a crazy open trip for Holi Festival 2017,

 click here to get to know more!!


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