Freddie Aguilar and a Three-cycle Driver

Anyone know Freddie Aguilar?

Surely, not many of you who’ve heard of him, I bet!!

Freddie is the most popular folk singer in the Philippines in the 70s even till now, let’s say he’s the legend, or he’s like a Filipino version of Iwan Fals, ‘Anak’ is his phenomenal song which means similar to Indonesian, Anak or child. Then, this song was released in English entitled ‘Child’ and the cover versions have been singing in several countries. Super Booming, Yeah .. !!

Well, when I was a kid and still cute 😀 , my dad used to sing this song with Acoustic Guitar till the lyric stayed longer in my mind and its meaning. It was a sad song, like an advice song and such.


When I was in Kalibo on my way back to the airport, I was talking to the three-cycle driver, we had a small chit-chat and then out of the blue I started to sing one of Freddie’s song. The driver asked me; “Hey, do you know him??” he looked so excited, and wonder why I could sing that song by heart both in English and Tagalog. Then, we sang a duet of this song, I sang in English and he did it in Tagalog. Although, I began to realize he might deliberately turn-around our three-cycle to slow down our way to the airport. But, never mind.. I wasn’t even in a hurry and still got much time tho, I then switch off my google map.

And that moment, when we eventually reached the airport, the driver helped me by bringing my stuff and then gave me a hug, and you know what, while hugging me, he told me that I don’t need to pay this time, and next time if you come back to Kalibo, you can stay in my place, no need to pay aka FREE.

WOW, I was speechless.. It made my heart melt. It’s just so sweet of him but I know I couldn’t make him do that to me, I insisted on paying, but he rejected it then he left, waving his hand at me..

The power of Song, i called. Dejavu……

Kalibo Airport, the Philippines, September 6th, 2016.

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